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October 26, 2014
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Star Mahila
ETV Network has been the choice of millions of viewers in diverse regions of India. The genesis of the network lies in the belief that fulfilling regional aspirations is the key to success.ETV Network strongly believes that every state has its own unique heritage and culture, every language its own nuances.ETV channels have been hugely successful and popular because they understand that if quality entertainment is provided in mother tongue, viewers will be able to connect and associate better with the channel. It is this sprit of empathy with individual cultures that has helped script the ETV success story. And now the very spirit and quality programmes of ETV-Telugu, ETV-Bangla, ETV-Marathi and ETV-Kannada is available through DISH Network.
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The main concept of the story is the silence struggles, anguish and distances among the people living in Anthahpuram...
Mon - Sat at     15:00      On  Etv
Manasu Mamatha
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Harshavardan , Koteswarao are close friends...
Mon - Sat at     19:30      On  Etv
Program Image
‘Meghamala’ …. a tender and wonderful love story...
Mon - Sat at     20:30      On  Etv
Program Image
Subhamasthu is a success guide for everyone including organizations...

Mon - Sat at ET 07:30 Hrs.
  On  Etv
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Devotional Program

Daily at ET 06:00 Hrs.
  On  Etv
Star Mahila
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Star Mahila...

Mon - Sat at ET 13.00 Hrs.
  On  Etv
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