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April 16, 2014
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Programme Coming Up
  Katha Dilam ®
  10:00:00 Hrs.
  Dutta Barir Chhoto Bou ®
  10:30:00 Hrs.
  Dui Prithibi ®
  11:00:00 Hrs.
  Dui Prithibi ®
  11:15:00 Hrs.
ETV Bangla
ETV Bangla matches the distinctiveness of rich Bangla culture with qualitative programming that echoes the viewer’s sensibilities. The channels rich framework of creative and entertaining programme mix has forged a strong relationship with the viewers. The modern Bengali has been a ‘waiting in the wings’ consumer for long, but now is identified as a strong consumer target. Dramatic change in disposable income levels and life style he is emerging as a prime prospect for the plethora of Brands.
  Amar Bangla
  Daily 7:00 Hrs
  Etv News
  Daily 7:30 Hrs
  Mon - Fri 16:30 Hrs
  Dutta Barir Chhoto Bou
  Mon - Fri 21:00 Hrs
DuttaBarirChhoto Bou
Sadhak Bamakhyapa

Shubha Bibaha
Program Image
Shubha Bibaha is a drama series...
Mon - Sat at  21:30 Hrs
Katha Dilam
Program Image
Katha Dilam.....
Mon - Sat at 19:30 Hrs
Dui Prithibi
Program Image
Dui Prithibi ....
Mon - Sat at 20:00 Hrs
Sadhok Bamakhyapa
Program Image
Sadhok Bamakhyapa...

Mon - Sat at 18:30 Hrs.
Ranga Mathae Chiruni
Program Image
Nolok, a young girl is forced to move in with her

Mon -Sat at 19:00Hrs.
Program Image
Prothoma is a magazine programme deals with todays women...

Mon - Sat at 16:30 Hrs.
Hiyar Maajhe
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