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April 25, 2014
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Programme Coming Up
  Saavar Re ®
  15:30:00 Hrs.
  Asava Sundar Swapnancha Bangla ®
  16:00:00 Hrs.
  Gandh Phulancha Gela Sanguna ®
  16:30:00 Hrs.
  Sundar Maza Ghar ®
  17:00:00 Hrs.
ETV Marathi
ETV Marathi captures the ethos and spirit of this vibrant state and mirrors it in a rich range of programming. The spirit of entertainment, which is omnipresent in all corners of Maharastra, is kept reflected in ETV Marathi. Maharashtra, mecca for industry, entertainment and information has long been an immensely targeted market for marketing.
  Gane Tumche Aamche
  Mon - Sat 9:00 Hrs
  Mejwani Paripoorna Kichen
  Mon - Sat 13:30 Hrs
  Vivah Bandhan
  Mon - Sat 19:30 Hrs
  Apla Bua Asa Aahe
  Mon - Thu 21:30 Hrs
Majhe Mann TujheZale
Ek Sandhi Ajunhi

Sundar Maza Ghar
Program Image
can be the beginning of new relationships without compromising ...
Mon - Sat at  19:30 Hrs
Ek Sandhi Ajunhi
Program Image
It is a program based on a very complicated...
Mon - Sat at 18:30 Hrs
Asava Sundar Swapnancha Bangla
Program Image
The story is about the complexity surrounding the relation between rich...
Mon - Sat at 20:00 Hrs
1760 Sasubai
Program Image
1760 Sasubai is a supersonic comedy and an unconventional twist...

Wed - Thurs at 21:00 Hrs.
Savar Re
Program Image
Have you ever had your closest friend be your...

Mon - Sat at 19:00 Hrs.
Mejwani Paripoorna
Program Image
Cookery show in which celebrity shefs...

Mon - Sat at 13:30 Hrs.
1760 Sasubai
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