11th Aug 2020
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Madura is a cheerful and grateful orphan who always tries her best. She dreams of one day becoming an interior designer, despite her lack of education and money. Because of an accident that happened before the story starts (about three months ago), she loses her sight and undergoes corneal transplant surgery. Different events unravel when she encounters the Raghavayya’s family, the parents of Netra. Madura also lost her sight in the same car crash of deceased netra. unbeknownst to everyone besides the father and older brother. The stories then intertwine when Madura meets the Raghavayya's extended family and Abhinav the son of a big interior design company, Dream Home, in Hyderabad, who also loves Netra from childhood and they were good friends too. From here the story passes through lot of twists and turns. How Madura replaces Netra and how she succeeded in her life is the main conflict...


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